My Travel Footprints is a narration of personal travel discoveries, very down to earth, original,fiery,spicy, unique and detailed by Elsie Gabriel; who is a worldwide avid traveler with a passion for discovering insights into various cultures and social traits that form the very basis of her social fabric of life.Her passion and expertise in area’s of Adventure sports,Photography, fishing,Culinary delights, Gardening,nature trails, green living and Environment Painting give her an added edge. Elsie doesn’t always give you a ready made travel itinerary and how to get there routine but fills your soul about that special place on the planet you wish you had gone a long long time ago.... ...Alps, english Channel, Nepal chitwan park, Diving in Maldives and Great Barrier reef, Mauritius, Capetown, cape of good hope, Pilanesburg Safari, HK,Bali, Thailand Koh Sumoi, Lakhshwadeep, NY, LA, Vegas, Macau, Sri Lanka mangroves, Holland, france...........I enjoy most riding the co friendly rickshaw at Sundarbans better than me riding the Ostrich in SA, Yak in Sikkim 15,000 above sea level, Wally at the reef, tortoise in Bali, donkey in Bhuwaneshwar Orissa......I simply live to travel.....but i have just started blogging and am new to it....but do write as a free lancer with Times of India for the last 15 years. Educated with the Irish nuns in Kolkatta and parents as teachers with the Irsih Christian brothers I am a world citizen where I have an open mind to people and places......Have 2 kids and hubby so home bound.....but we travel mostly as a family and this could be also a good niche for the travel market and your blog!!!! Id love to contribute......ELSIE GABRIEL 9967347511 /022 25766487 804 GLENHEIGHTS HIRANANDANI POWAI MUMBAI 76.
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