Jullay, Greetings from Ladakh- India I'm Gelek from Leh-Ladakh in the Himalayan region of India. I am a self employed, technically speaking businessman but with care for the nature and mother earth. I'm into renewable energy related business like Solar energy etc and recently in 2012 I have ventured into Tourism business with a motto "committed to responsible tourism". One must be wondering why do I ley stress on environment and nature, well it is because that being born in the Himalyas I got a great chance to live closer with nature- the mountains, river, lakes, landscape and everything here is so pure and serene. this is the reason I pledge to do my bit for the mother earth!! Besides that I like to participate in philanthropic work like social services, helping needy people and serving humanity. In the past I have led an NGO for two years and during these period I got an opportunity to fulfil my dream to serve humanity and even in future looking forward to do so. I love travelling, cooking, watching movies and making new friends and interested in sharing my travel expertise, help people around the world to arrange a trip to my region and help them to get the best travelling experience. you can reach me at facebook at this link-https://www.facebook.com/DlonpoTravels
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