I’m Hazel Joy and I live in County Kerry, Ireland. I love travel and writing about my journeys. But I am equally passionate about promoting my beautiful home county. There isn’t much I don’t enjoy in life but I’m particularly interested in the arts (books in particular), sport, music (most genres), history and current affairs. I’ve had travel articles published over the last few years but I’ve had many requests to put words online. So here goes. My travel philosophy has three parts. Firstly, everybody needs a break! Secondly, there is no substitute to visiting a place. A book, a song, a film or other piece of art may inspire travel to a particular event or region but nothing rivals the feeling of being there. Finally, travel should be positively transformative, and is useless unless I can return home with a positive experience to make home a better place. I may visit castles in faraway fields, so to speak. But home is the castle I’ll always return to.
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