Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Variety has always fascinated me! I have travelled across the globe, experienced new cultures, explored spaces, and observed people’s expressions and lifestyles in their natural environment. This eclectic mix of influences and my appreciation for diversity have shaped my artistic expression in style, colour, mood, structure and settings, both natural and man-made. I enjoy using the power of the visual medium to tell a compelling story that will be remembered in the years ahead. This is what led me to pursue photography as a full-time profession, breaking away from a career in hospitality and banking. I enrolled in the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, where I honed my skills and had the opportunity to learn from world renowned photographers – Gregory Heisler and amongst others. As a photographer, I am fascinated with spaces, and the magical effect of light and its play on the subjects. Each combination of these components has its own story to tell and I like to capture these unique scenes and moments in my Architectural, Commercial photographs and Portraits – areas of keen interest to me.  I derive tremendous satisfaction and joy in connecting with my audience and sharing beautiful, resonant and original images that evoke emotion and provide a different perspective. ​ My recent work is available on the Gallery section of my website and on Facebook. Do have a look and connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, or my company email id :
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