Hello! We are a group of travel experience designers based in Kolkata, India. We offer engaging experiences in wildlife, photography, specialty trips, city tours and more. With our dedicated naturalists/travel leaders and our excellent connects with locals, enthusiasts and experts we dare to offer experiences like MonSOONdarbansTM – a tryst with the fabled monsoons in the heavenly mangrove landscape of Sundarbans (National Park and UNESCO Heritage Site), Amazing Agumbe – a specialty trip to the Amazon of India with the famous King Cobra Researcher Gowri Shankar as your guide-de-terra, Picturesque Pakke – a few magical days exploring the Hornbill Haunts of Pakke Tiger Reserve with a local Nyishi tribesman as your company. Our other destinations include, but are not limited to, Birding Paradise Mangalajodi, Croc Country Bhitarkanika, Rhino Land Kaziranga and the mesmerizing Rann of Kutch. Take one of our village trips if you are out to explore some offbeat India. Or get in touch for your special interest – be it birding, herping, bat study, butterfly trip or history, culture, religion and spirituality. Even trips to explore traditional martial arts, traditional dance/music (classical/folk), art forms, architecture, theatre, horse breeding, hounds are either on the platter or can be tailored for you. We could also suggest you tours like the Ghats of Calcutta or the Step Wells of Gujarat. Right now, we are looking forward to expand ourselves a bit with co-operation from your website. Expecting a great experience working together.
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