Pune, Maharashtra, India
An ardent pursuer of my dreams, I have a strong belief in myself of achieving all that I wish. I love watching documentaries, browsing through the internet, hanging out with friends and increasing my social network by connecting with as many people as I can. I love being who and what I am! I like challeging the world with my ideas & thoughts to learn and become a socially accepted human being. I love myself! I believe in achieving quality with perfection in everything that I take up. Putting this quality of mine to use, I am working as an Associate QA Engineer at savetime.com. Savetime helps people in finding the right doctor and hospital for all medical needs. Currently operating in Pune (India), I have a strong desire to see Savetime operate throughout India, very soon! A man with principles, I sometimes like to let loose everything and party hard. I believe in enjoying the biggest gift of the almighty - Life.
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