I am traveler, I have learned a lot while I am traveling. A night on bus rest of the passengers making zzzzzz I am the one who looking out side of the bus windows and I get thousands of ideas, sometimes way too much my head spins. While in travel I have got sick, stayed in low budget hotel road side foods, stayed in luxury hotels,driven by cars around and walk around the place and discovering and seeing and touching the walls. At the end of travels sometimes I feel like I will come again and again, some places are I will never come back to this place again that's mean if I had never traveled then I have never experienced this so I will keep travel.
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  • Budget Travel
  • Food & Drinks
  • Getaways
  • Day Trips
  • City Travels
  • Nature
  • Luxury
  • History & Architecture
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  • Backpacking
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