my Chinese name is Hongju Yin,my English name is Jane Yin,I am a professional official tour guide here in Beijing, I have high grade tour guide certificate issued by Beijing Tourism Authority(BTA). I have over 15 years experiences in working as an English speaking guide.I have ever shown travelers from all over the world round Beijing, and arranged unique tours according to their interest in the surrounding areas.I and my husband John Ma are expert official tour guides who have the high grade tour guide certificate issued by Beijing a high grade expert guide,it is free for us to enter any sites of interest,so you do not need to pay for my ticket.we arrange unique tours according to your wish. We will not only show you the sights of interest but also the interesting local life.Where you need to go,whatever you want to see,I will put a real beijing to you. Your itinerary will be very flexible,you decide where to go ,how long to stay.I just give you some helpful advice,you are your own boss. To have a reservation,deposit is not needed,we get paid at the end of your tour.
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