Wai, Maharashtra, India
Have you ever explored an outdoor stay vis a vis your habitual options of resort or hotels. Wilderness camping provides you such blistering experience to stay in the nature where you can camp overnight using spacious hygienic western tents. Pitch you own tent facing the river, have a picnic table to park yourself; scrumptious barbecues and campfire are some of the key highlighters that separates camping unlike resorts where you are confined to the 4 walls. The camping excitement does not stop here. If you want to further experience the charm of camping than take a dip into the Krishna River or sit across on the banks of river for a fresh catch and also try your hands on cooking. It would be indeed our pleasure to assist you in this. Also the campsite having a number of forts in its vicinity provides a thrilling opportunity to the adventurous trekker’s. Additionally camping with a tint of rural tour would electrify the entire tour. We could arrange for a tour via tractors or bullock carts for Dairy Farming, Poultry and Rice or Sugarcane farming. Thus Krishna River campsite offers something for everyone: A getaway place for the toddlers-youngsters-elders to the oldest; no boundaries for toddler; adventure for the youngsters, elderly cherish the scenic beauty/places in and around Wai and finally if you wish to remain untouched – hang around & unwind around the river banks in the nature or go for short treks with your fellow ones.
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