am hyper I get excited for every little things ! travelling is my passion ! I have done solo travelling and I feel thats an amazing thing which everyone of us should try once in life. . my dream to travel as much as possible as far as possible because life is too short to cover the entire world though i wish it was possible. !! life is an adventure filled with unexpected breaks,bumps and excited shit in between which let's u grow into a better person. I believe in living in the moment...!! we should always take it as it comes kyunki "zindagi nahi milegi dobara" so enjoy every moment of life In the best way u can instead of cribbing about it. Anything adventurous am up for it. ! trekking and hiking is something am very passionate about. a nature lover !! a foodie !! travel addict well that's me !! I love exploring talking to the local.people and hearing thier set of stories. . that makes me happy
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