Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
If you were to place a dot over a city I have visited, you would find dot's peppered all over the globe. I am in my early 20's and have travelled quite extensively. However if you were to ask me for advice or ask me what my top 5 trips are, I would draw a blank. Most of my travels have included work trips which left little room for exploring or family trips which left little room for choice. After traveling the globe, I can say with utter confidence that I have been nowhere by choice, done nothing by ignorance and lived to see very little of a present. But don't be disheartened, I am no morbid man intent on telling sad tales of woe and what could have been. I have stories, I've met people. I have tales to tell. But you see most importantly I am now going to embark on choices that lead me everywhere, to seek knowledge which will truly teach me the meaning of ignorance. So I invite you to read my untold tales and get a front row seat of my journey to see everything...
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