Kolkata, West Bengal, India
I've been fortunate enough to be infected by the travel bug early on in my childhood; from family trips across Greece to solo adventures in Scotland, from the hills of Sikkim to the beaches of Goa - every journey has only fueled my desire to travel more, explore different horizons, push myself beyond my comfort zone. I have never been one to tie myself to a desk or play by other's rules and nothing gives me more of a pleasure than the untrammeled rush of the unknown - fresh experiences, people, food, sights, sounds; the blissful exhaustion after a challenging day on a cycle trail or the serenity of doing nothing but listen to the music of waves crashing on rocks. And my mind is filled with unbridled joy just at the thought of the infinite possibilities that are there to explore. There is nothing in my life that I would rather do than travel and hopefully someday meet you, my fellow explorer, in some corner of this wondrous planet. Cheers!
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