Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
“Everyone in this world is a traveller, following their own path wich may lead them to their destiny. But for me, it’s more about carving my way through and finding my own path”, this is the philosophy that has driven me so far in my life, and made me try new things and learn from those experiences. Having travelled to almost all parts of India, I have developed a way with people and I consider it to be one of my strengths. Photography is my passion and i have a keen interest towards writing as well, and have documented small scripts and videos on the travels and experiences that I have had in the past few years(for a small review of the scripts you can visit my facebook page, link is mentioned on the last page). I have done B.Sc in my undergraduation, which enbales me to posess technical skills that come in handy most of the times. Music is my hobby, and i play guitar sometimes which is my favourite pastime. Overall i’m a workaholic, i love to work untill I know that it leads to something new and meaningful.
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