I happen to be a practicing Architect. Travelling was something I hated when I was a child considering the only places I could travel was through the sick Mumbai locals. Believe it or not Architecture though tough to study provided me the perfect getaway to travelling through innumerable study tours. And then it was about time I realized I was falling for Travelling. Travelling specially for me must be a new exploration process. Learning about new places. Researching about them.Getting to know how to reach places and explore them. Feeling the thrill of the unexplored. Now that's my concept of a perfect itinerary. Always on the lookout for road trips in my car (nickname- The Silent Crusader). Seems quite vague but yes I love to go on travel crusades and conquer the unexplored. Its hard for to just drive on a highway without thinking about the road trips I have had. Yes Travelling is a passion for most but its an addiction for me. Proud to be a Traveladdict.
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