I am a traveler. I love being lost. I wonder looking at the Hummingbirds. For they fly. They fly fast. They flap their wings as if there is no next moment. They create a symphony with their hum as they move. They amaze me. I love traveling. I try to resonate with that symphony of the place I see. I love night sky. I love shooting stars. For they travel infinite distances just to light themselves up for flash of a second before getting ripped into ashes in its final few moments. I love images. I love the whole idea of taking a picture. Because I always hated the audacity of time. 'Arrow of Time' as they say. I hated entropy. So I fell in love with photography. It plucks out a slice of time to freeze it. I feel humble when I look up. I feel awe when I look around. I am amazed. I wonder. I wander.
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