Bangalore, Karnataka, India
I am an amateur photographer, news addict, a voracious reader and a travel freak !! I am a budget traveller and I aim to do the most of India in the least of cost. I am starting off assisting my couch surfer mates with their travel plan in India and places I have already visited. I believe time and money are equally precious. On the way to save money when working in my IT career, I have lost a lot of time to travel. And now that i have quit my job to travel, I see that money is limited. Spending every penny to its worth and making the best of the time I am blessed with, here I am. While life goes on and a lot of us count our currencies, it is we who are spent with time, the paper notes and coins simply come and go. I have complete respect for the assignments that offer me the opportunity to travel, photograph and write. Lets travel together while I blog….!! - Sohni
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  • Nature
  • Culture
  • City Travels
  • Arts & Events
  • Family Trips
  • Getaways
  • History & Architecture
  • Luxury
  • Wildlife
  • Festivals & Events
  • Cycling
  • Relax & Unwind
  • Motorcycle Diaries
  • Photography
  • Treks and Hikes
  • Volunteering
  • National Parks
  • Nightlife
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