New Jersey, United States
No, I do not like traveling. Rather it is my life. I love going to new places, experiencing the various offering given by Mother nature, meeting new people and cultures, listening to new tunes of music, experiencing new cuisines and above all, as I am a photographer by profession, capturing the priceless moments through the lenses. And oops ! that is why I am suffering from amnesia. All the time, you will find me either traveling, or planning for my next travel or processing images from my last trip. I must say, if you have the passion for both travel and photography, ultimately both of these will be benefited in long run. I feel so peaceful and happy when I am surrounded by nature and feeling the magic created by the lights, sounds and unexpected actions performed by nature. I will try my best to present the images in such a way so that you will feel good every time you will come back here. Apart from travel and street photography, I love/ do (actually, I do only what I love to do) landscapes, Weddings, Events, Portraits and Portfolios and capturing anything that carries some magic. I am somewhat maniac about Night / Low-light photography. You can check out my works at Ohh man, this was enough of self promotion. Now, after that how can I say about my false attempt of being a scribbler. Being ultimate shameless, let me confess that I also have a Bengali literary blog - You can check it when you have time and nothing else to do. :)
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