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srishti jugran

location iconDehradun, Uttarakhand, India
When it comes to describing me; I love to Travel-Click-Dip in my pen-Spring in-Dance-Dive-Speak-Spark-Bike around-Fill in my senses and Content my ever alive thirst for TRAVEL and explore merry on my ‘Dreams going Live’....!! Fully engaged to flame my fascination for Travel and Writing. At times I feel like a Nomadic Cow- a little mad, crazy, a free spirit not scared to take a risk or two, finding odd places in the remotest of villages, living out of a tent under the stars, yawning my way up in wee hours of the morning to bathe in wild-alongside river. Everytime I type in the keys to relish my experiences; there explodes an excitement alert deep in my nerves. It is what gets me in the feel of my NEW FOUND LOVE- interacting with locals, making friends with them- singing and dancing to their cultural tunes and thus developing a better perspective of understanding a place. Oh fresh, It feels incredibly BEAUTIFUL to live the moments that fuel the very existence of ME. Olaaaaa..Travel is my New Love! And the World is yours to Explore..