Isla Holbox, Mexico
I am a Digital Nomad: in 2011 I decided it was time to change my life from ‘working up the corporate ladder’ to becoming a traveling entrepreneur and to do meaningful things for and with the people I meet online and offline. I believe we have to bring a deeper sense of purpose of living back into our society. The unhappiness in so many lives should tell us that success alone is not enough. Material success and focus on constant growth has brought us to strange spiritual and moral bankruptcy. These realizations made us (together with Diana Vermeij) start a program called Working Wonderfully. I have a passion for startups, video / animation production, photography and travel and I love my life. I also create content worth sharing for clients to serve multiple purposes. By combining the fresh, the new and the cool and remixing this into great stories worth spreading I connect the online and offline world. For examples of content I created for clients see: YouTube (movies and animations), SlideShare (presentations and workshops) and Flickr (photos). Most of my time I spend learning and thinking. I read, I watch, I listen, I feel and I taste as much as I can and transform this into stories and inspiration for a broad and diverse audience. The rest of the time I engage with people and connect people. In short: ‘I am here to run and jump and laugh and cry and hope and imagine.. To experience as much as I can, all for one purpose: to inspire others…’
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