New Delhi
Dear All i am in the business of conducting tours & have travelled widely covering India. A beautiful & highly diverse country ,there are always experiences that are different , even though one has traversed the path many a time. I will confess that even though I have travelled to most states in the country yet there seems to be always much too discover. My job more often than not makes it monotonous , because there are few ardent travellers as Indian tourist ( special reference to North indians) have still not really matured as travellers & hence are not able to enjoy what India offers in abundance , Nature & History. We are culturally rich in our inheritance but most don't understand the meaning & virtue of such heritage. We ignorantly destroy what we must preserve & flock outside to see without having fully experiencing our own country. In my opinion a lifetime is not enough to see & experience this great country which boast of Hills & Mountains , Beaches & deserts , Jungles & modern cities , where people change every few Kms & language every few meters.
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