Majority of people living in this world would like to travel. I mean who wouldn't? Some people want to travel because they "enjoy" doing so, some do it to spend quality time with their family, and some do it because they simply have money to travel. But, I want to travel because I have a passion for it, I want to discover the beauty that nature beholds, I love people and more than that I love their culture. I have always had the curiosity to know people and this same curiosity makes me curious to know about their family's history. Speaking of history- I enjoy history! No. No. No. not the kind that talks about the Kings and their descendants. But the culture of a country. This type of historical knowledge interests me, it stimulates my impulses, gives my body a rush to run and seek the beautiful things lying out there. I want to be a travel writer! Because, I want to create a history of my own to the places I will be traveling to.
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