Belonging to the Beautifully Nestled state among-st the Himalayas in the North Eastern- India - "#Sikkim" Is my home land, also known as The Adobe of Mt. Kanchenjunga", i am a Frequent and a Passionate traveler and can never have enough of Travelling, - So far i have traveled all across India- Right From -Kargil - Jammu and Kashmir in North India to "Kanya-kumari" - the southern most tip of India and from "Amritsar"- Wagha Border in the West to "Champai" (Mizoram) - Indo Burma Border in the East, and yet feel like i have been no where.. a lot to Explore and places to be.. along with travelling i love to get my snaps beautifully framed- travelling Photography is my passion but i suck at it.. :). Other than Above i love adventure Travel, being an Enthusiast in Mountain Biking, Hiking and Trekking.
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