Gurgaon, Haryana, India
I’m ODD, but not the odd one OUT. I’m a philosopher. I think more than I speak. It’s the oddness of a topic that intrigues me the most and not the normality. The stronger are the thoughts, the more is the number of questions. Questions that glide like Beethoven‘s Symphony but tortures like weeping child for i need answers. It’s like a disease that grows on you until it contaminates you and rules you. Google plays an amazing role in mollifying this pathogenic disorder. Thank you Larry Page and Sergey Brin ! I’m a biker. I love bikes. Anywhere and everywhere, I’ll roam and wander and watch and feel. It’s a horse, it speaks to you and it complains for you’re not taking it places. I’m a hiker. I’ll hike till my legs give way, my stomach starts abusing, my lungs start stabbing but my heart is singing in sweet euphony which only I can hear. I’m a humorist. I love laughing and making others laugh. I like the attention i get. I don’t mind if they’re laughing at my humor or my sense of humor. Laughter is intoxicating. I’m a foodie. I love eating and burping and farting. Its all part of an experience called life. Life which I live to eat and not the other way around. I’m an impulsive photographer. Impulsive for I’m not a professional. So don’t mind if I hurt your feelings by clicking those “not so cool” ones. For I know that photographs are like imprints of one’s memories. My memories and not yours. So chances are that you might feel lost after looking at them. I’m an occasional painter. I paint when i cannot write or shoot. Thoughts are unpredictable. Some are writable, some photographic and others are expressed best on a canvas. I’m a “Pink Floyd” fan. We dont need no education. Marooned. High Hopes. Echoes. Pulse. Division Bell. Saucerful of secrets…..List goes on and on and on and on and on……
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