Hi, My name is Vidula and I have visited 23 countries so far with my husband Anoop who has many more countries on his list and I am still trying to play catch up (at my own pace though). I have a travel platform for women to get together and travel to different places together. It is called BuffyFish. I do not conduct recce trips before, as I don't have the time to revisit a place. The reason being, there are many places I would like to explore first hand. If you are game to explore these places first hand with me, join me in my adventures/exploration trips and lets get together and check these places off our bucket list. It could be in India or anywhere in the world. Check out or for more details and lets get going, lets get lost, lets go away, lets trip together. I love making friends esp strong, independent women from all over the world. I also am a blues singer for a band that I am a part of, with my husband, and it is called Smokestack and it is based here in Pune, Maharashtra, India. I also sing folk music and acapella occasionally. I love NPR. I love I am also a student of life.
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