Trip to Bhutan- A week long world of happiness.

24th Apr 2014
Photo of Trip to Bhutan- A week long world of happiness. 1/2 by Aabha Dongre
Photo of Trip to Bhutan- A week long world of happiness. 2/2 by Aabha Dongre

A few minutes in Bhutan and you know why they are the happiest people on the Earth. The place offers spectacular landscapes with epitomes of Purity and Beauty. But places are more than the Landscapes. A place is defined not just by its Landscapes, but what makes a place is the aggregation of the Culture, Architecture, Heritage, Food, and most importantly the People. The Hospitality and the Safety that Bhutan offers to its guests reaches your soul. The culture is Humble, the people are grounded and the humility of the Landscape keeps coming back to you.

thimphu, the Capital of Bhutan has the most beautiful and serene Dzong. The place is spotted with exceedingly beautiful structures that house the Textile Museum, Folk Heritage Museum, Art and Craft School, National Library, and the Monastery. The Market is a beautiful walkway with Art and Craft and Souvenir shops on either sides of the street. Restaurants, a few pubs and Cafes break in between the row of Souvenir shops. Another breath taking must visit place is the National zoo in Thimphu. The beautiful trails in the forest like Zoo, will certainly leave you wanting for more. The wide streets, Government Administrative buildings all over the District of Thimphu give it the right grandeur of the Country Capital.

Punakha, the valley is about 2.5 hours drive from Thimphu. On the way to Punakha, is the amazing Dochula pass which offers a Spectacular view of the Himalayas against the clear Blue Sky. The perfect time to reach there is early morning about 6:30 to 7:00 am. The beautiful sunlight over the snow clad Himalayas casts a spell on each and every soul. The beautiful 108 Stupas with the White base, Colored wooden roof against the clear blue sky with the beautiful warm golden Sunlight creates the Picture perfect magic. The Cafe at Docula Pass serves delicious and mouth watering Breakfast. the interiors of the Cafe are perfectly warm, as against the chill breeze outside. Punakha is about 2.0 hours drive from Dochula. On the way is a beautiful Botanical Garden, which offers Forest Landscape with a beautiful lake. The trail is deep, calm and extremely meditative. Another 1.5 hours of drive brings you to the most picturesque landscapes on this planet. The beautiful river flowing all thru the valley, the green Pastures, are much more than a visual treat to the eyes. The Landscape is exceedingly soothing, and the sound of the water against the peaceful surroundings can certainly make you ponder over Life. The Punakha Dzong against this serene landscape looks too beautiful to be true. Another must visit place is the Hanging Bridge. An engineering Marvel gives you goose bumps of adventure.

The Taktsang Monastery can only be experienced. It is the most perfect example that can teach you that the Journey is as beautiful and important as the Destination. A 2.5 hours walk from the base to the Tiger nest, helps you discover a lot about yourself. Strength, Endurance, Patience, Will Power, Determination together all lead to the most Spectacular view of the Monastery on a cliff.

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