2nd half of our Sunday


"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." -John Lennon.

In continuation to our journey we still had half a day to enjoy its fullest and make it catchy. So after stamping down our footprints on the fort of Nahargarh, we lead to Jal Mahal surrounded by Mansagar lake. Either a view from heights of Aravalli or just a closer look, far or near, it's glimpse could leave you stun with the awe of grandeur, it's glimmering glory makes this place an eye catching attraction. Chiyu was stirred to see such large amount of water first time in her life, she spent some time observing fishes by saying, "Daddy, fishu."

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 1/7 by Priyanka Singh

With the government immense efforts and patience in the last few years the place has been regenerated and renovated, current situation is peerless viz a viz to the previous days when water was highly toxic and the width of the lake was keep on decreasing from the dumping of industrial waste water. Somehow now this place show a kind of resemblance to the "Chaupati" in a miniature sense, acts as cooling agent in flaming summers beneficial to common masses.

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 2/7 by Priyanka Singh

Next venue was " City Palace" situated in the heart of the city, it's combination of European and Rajput architecture make the place captivating among the tourists of Jaipur. There are 2 or 3 entrances (no. I am not pretty sure) from separate directions and markets. We need to cover hardly few meters distance from parking to the main gate but Chiyu's love and magnetism towards colorful 'rickshaw' gave both of us a chance to be get treated as a queen and the princess with grace and elegance within the palace premises filled a nostalgic feeling, Ritesh opted for a walk.

Ticket fee was nominal Rs.100 p.p, camera charges separate and strictly no photography allowed in any of the galleries as Rs.500 charge would apply as fine where all the ancient royal dresses, arms, other belongings were kept.

Mubarak Mahal (palace) was the first portion we got introduced with, is a repository of collection of royal uniforms/dresses, accessories that they used to wear on different occasions/festivals, made of golden threads and silk clothes. Gifts like Chinese kimono and kasmiri pashminas left you think behind wondering how advanced and creative these people were who used such techniques without using any machinery approx two centuries ag. There we found collection of arms and weapons, a tarnished but fine sloppy Kashmiri carpet, queens dresses with sanganeri block prints.

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 3/7 by Priyanka Singh

"Centuries will come and go people wants to spend their life here some days more Only their memories stay to let us know that live our extremes and shine high and let others adore." -by me

Another move was to " Diwan-I-Khas" means audience hall for kings. Here, two world's largest silver sterling vessels made by melted silver coins recorded in 'Guinness book of world records' with name of 'Gangajelis' shares a chunk of history. And these beautifully assembled rifles is an quintessential example of human creativity that covered the long ages of generation.

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 4/7 by Priyanka Singh

On the contrary another name is "Diwan-I-Aam" signifies Hall for public, at present authority using it as an art gallery exhibiting the golden throne of king. The portion where descendants of the former rulers still share the campus is "Chandra Mahal". It is a 7 storeyed building where no entry allowed for general public except for the ground floor at some occasions. As an attempt to own the grace of God temple of Govind Devji had been built in 18th century straight in the front of Chandra Mahal angled in such a manner that he could have view of temple anytime from his room's window.

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 5/7 by Priyanka Singh

A corner of the zone has sanctioned as market has few shops for eatables, refreshments, rajasthani handicrafts. Now this was the time when Chiyu caught up by vibrant colors of the Kathputli (Indian puppet)section and was expressing her feeling to puppeteers to start the dance show without waiting of our consent. She is so mischievous adorable toddy enjoyed the whole day in full swing and with tremendous energy; was now collecting attraction of bunch of foreign tourists while enjoying her ball of chocolate and after a small date she was more interested to go with them."Hello baby!! we our your parents please don't forget us, come along."

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 6/7 by Priyanka Singh

A tiring day now was might be asking her to call it a day but beside this the features, enriched history, beauty, spic and span surrounding not only for City Palace but all the other tourist places because of its trendsetting architecture make them a worth watching place. So go ahead plan your next trip to Jaipur for some quality time, there are much more places and luxurious resorts, less considered streets and villages are waiting for you to getting explored.

Photo of 2nd half of our Sunday 7/7 by Priyanka Singh

Best wishes for your trip. You are welcome here in this state in my country

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