Amer fort at its best ❤️

3rd Sep 2016
Day 1

I've visited Amer fort

I've been to jaipur the capital of Rajasthan . Jaipur the pink city ❤️ so here i am

Gonna talk about my own experience during jaipur trip a year ago . It is 11km from Jaipur .It was governed by Kachawaha rulers and also was the capital of old Dhundar state of Jaipur.i've a habit of reading the history of the place i am going to visit . Amber fort was built by raja man singh in 16th century . There are two ways to reach there one is for walking and one for elephant ride .the elephant ride gives a mesmerising view of the pink city jaipur ❤️ and riding a elephant also gives a royal feel . I was never that much into historical places but after reading the history seeing the pictures on google and seeing the beauty of pink city i've been there there were such a big area to walk and see the fort .

hawa mahal too hot ❤️

Photo of Amer fort at its best ❤️ by anjali sharma
Photo of Amer fort at its best ❤️ by anjali sharma
Photo of Amer fort at its best ❤️ by anjali sharma
Day 2

Hawa mahal

Hawal mahal is such a beauty of india

The structure of that building

The way the windows are there its truly a beauty it is a high screen wall so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from outside it is made by maharaja sawai pratap singh . I didn't visited inside because it was closed but from the outside I've seen it ❤️

And please take me to this trip as i really want to explore the true beauty of Rajasthan and i will be glad to visit Pushkar mela ❤️