Aparamparagata @ RIFF 2017 - Rajasthan International Folk Festival.

7th Oct 2017

"There are music festivals and then there is RIFF. It is not just a music festival, it is a soulful journey through eyes and ears to the SOUL"

Thank you so much Jodhpur RIFF - Rajasthan International Folk Festival for giving me the opportunity to be there at the festival and playing. More then playing there, it was an unforgettable experience I got as a musician and as a human being.

A heady five-day affair embracing the rich musical roots of Rajasthan, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival, aka Jodhpur RIFF, is one of India’s most innovative and intriguing festivals.

Held at the majestic 17th century Mehrangarh Fort in the Blue City of Jodhpur, which Rudyard Kipling referred to as “the work of angels, fairies and giants”, Jodhpur RIFF 2018 brings together more than 250 musicians and performers from both Rajasthan and across the world. International artists join hands with local musicians to create new sounds through innovative collaborations.

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