City of Romance - Udaipur

27th Apr 2016
Day 1
“One night a poet witnessed a fairy tale castle in Spain and another day  he catches a glimpse of his fantasy in concreteness “

In the high stretches of Aravali ranges ,breathe a realm of romance which arguably has the unmatched setting in the world- The city of Udaipur.

‘The city of lake’ , ‘The city of romance’ or the ‘Venice of East’  a few epithets narrating this fairy land of Udaipur which is located in Indian state of Rajasthan .Udaipur has always been a dream destination for the tourist around the globe for the reason that the city has  historical and magnetizing natural views.

I am very blessed that I  went to explore the beautiful and dream land of Udaipur.The city of Udaipur is well connected with rail and air ways from all the major cities.

1.City Palace

When I popped in ,the Palace was shining with the classical blend of Rajasthani and Mughal style of architecture.The palace constructed in the year 1559 by Maharana Udai Mirza Singh,was situated on the lakeshore of Pichola.The palace was declaring the romantic vision of the king as each corner of the palace was beautifully designed.The palace has number of stupendous courtyard,pavilions,terrace,corridors beautiful gardens and rooms.The balcony of the palace was the giving the vista of the heaven.The incredible paintings of the palace and the antique furniture drawn my attention.Being built on a hill the palace gives a breathtaking view to the city .

2.Lake Pichola

“If the Venetion owned Pichola lake he might say with Justice “See it and die” Rudyard Kipling . 

This was the very first time when I visualised what is called love at first sight when I saw tha lake Pichola.Situated in the heart of Udaipur the lake is decorated with the enticing hills,pleasing gardens ,temples and royal haveli’s making it look more enchanting.The 4 km long lake is enveloped by Aravali hills.

It was the time when the sun was about to set and I took the boat to take a ride .The sky was red and the cheerful winds made my mood even more chimerical.It was a like a dream of dusk.The boat stopped at Jagmandir island where I spent few times watching the mesmerizing sunset.The scene was so romantically set that I thought I am a prince and I am waiting in that fairyland for my princess.

3.Monsoon Palace

On the high hills of Banasdara peak of Aravali range rest a fairy tale castle built with white Marble by the prince of Mewar Maharana Sajjan Singh.

The Prince had a great passion for astronomy and the fort was built to watch the monsoon clouds and therefore earned its name .When I got in the fort there was a pompous central court with stairs, fountains and beautiful paintings.It was drizzling when i explored the fort,it was looking like the white diamond fairy castle of the heaven. Standing on a great height the fort offers charismatic views of the Udaipur city.The fort was surrounded with the thick forest and spectacular greenery .

4.Bagore ki Haveli

The land of Udaipur has beholded the ,courage and creativity of Rajputs and Bangore ki haveli is the epitome of their creativity. Built in the 18 the century this haveli was embellished with fine intricate and beautiful mirror works.The entire haveli was illuminated with bright lights in evening and the traditional dance and music of Rajasthan made the scene marvellous.

I also traced many Rajput stuffs like Hukkah,rose water sprinkler,dice games,jewellery boxes .

5.Kumbhalgarh Fort

Travelling 64km from Udaipur I reached the Kumbhalgarh Fort which was constructed by Maharana Rana Kumbha in 15th century.

Enveloped by elevated mountain peaks the fort was fortified to the length of 36 km making it the second longest wall in the world,first being the ‘Great wall of China’.I was bewildered seeing numerous palaces,temples and gardens inside the complex.There were more than 250 temples within the complex.

The rooms of the ‘Badal Mahal’  was decorated with the beautiful color combo of green ,turquoise and white giving it a look of clouds.

The walls of the fort run through the forest area of Kumbhalgarh National park providing a safe heaven to variety of flora and faunna.

The strong structure standing majestically on high ridge echoes the triumph of Rajput rulers.

After exploring Udaipur I realised why this city is called as the city of romance.The city of Udaipur is a dream land anyone can fall in love with.I am in love.