Framing the Fair land; Pushkar

31st Oct 2017

the Pushkar Camel Fair

Photo of Framing the Fair land; Pushkar by Touring&tales


The small town lying among the Aravalli Ranges, Pushkar is all known for the spirituality, the Brahma Temple and yes the lively Pushkar Fair. The secondary stop from the major cities of Rajasthan, as Jaipur, one can reach Pushkar easily be hiring a cab or Bus. Travelling via train gives you an option to get down at Ajmer and then travel to Pushkar via the local buses or the cabs and auto.

Day 4

Residing at Delhi, my stop was at Ajmer where I had decided to stay for one night. My first day was for leisure after the long 8 hours journey. But I decided to explore the local area, markets and I ended up at Ana Sagar Lake.

Ana Sagar Lake is a beautiful place to witness the sunset. The black tail duck and the fishes make the area lively. What was disturbing about the area was the crowd. The maintenance of the surrounding is poor that needs more attention. But for once if you can ignore the surrounding, the lake is beautiful enough to keep you engaged for hours. I spent 2 hours doing nothing but just enjoying the beauty of the lake, the sunset views, the birds and the children that were happily playing.

Day 2
Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales
Day 3

All ready to leave Pushkar, I again started the bus journey to Pushkar. The bus fares are ordinary; government buses charge 13-15 whereas the private buses charge 20 INR.

I reached Pushkar around 1 pm that was not the good time to roam. The daytime is all lazy, you can hardly spot anyone out. This was the festive season so few foreigners were there, shopping and eating. Even I went out to shop and eat in the afternoon. The vibrant marketplace, the home decor accessories, handicrafts, outfits, the traditional jewelry and attires, no one can stop themselves from having a look at them. And being a shopping addict I couldn’t stop myself from buying few. The wall hangings, traditionally styled home decors were stealing the glance of every passerby.

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales
Day 4

If you are in Pushkar, don’t miss the temples. I decided to start my day with the temple tour to Pushkar. The crowd was enough to drag me back to the hotel. But anyhow I managed.

Starting with the Brahma temple, this is the most worshiped temple in Pushkar. Then the list goes as “Savitri Temple, Old Rangji Temple, Apteshwar Temple, Paap Mochini Temple, Raghunath Temple, Atmeshwar Temple, Mahadeva Temple etc”. All are next to each other, at a minimum distance.

The evening was again at the Fairground. On the way, I met a group of ladies who were singing a folk song altogether in rhythm. The journey was so musical and entertaining.

The day was bit different; the special stage show was arranged for the visitors. For the first time in my life, I got to hear the soulful voice of legendary Mame Khan at the concert. All filled with fun, the excitement the day ended with a musical note.

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales
Day 5

Don’t know why I added this day to the tour. The Pushkar camel care can be easily explored within the maximum of two to three days. I had nothing to do. So I wasted my morning and afternoon, and in the evening I head out to the fairground with my new DSLR. The day was over and over crowded. I could hardly move a bit. After a long struggle, I reached my destination, the Pushkar camel ground.

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales
Day 4

Next day, I left for Pushkar, all traveling in the local bus that was overcrowded with the localities and the people from neighboring cities. The journey was tough, but observing the local people of a certain region, briefs us about the lifestyle of the area. They all were so enthusiastic about this annual fair, the smiles the chaos and the excitement all was at the highest peak.

It took about an hour to reach Pushkar, covering the entire beautiful route. That day I just explored the area. It was a slow start for me. I decide to get all the routes that day. From the markets to the temples, ghats, the restaurants, cafes and yes the fairground, I almost covered everything. Later by evening, I decided to leave for Ajmer.

One thing to keep in mind, if your soul-purpose for visiting Pushkar is to explore the fair, then it’s better to get a Hotel in Pushkar. You can easily find the budget hotel in Pushkar but on prior booking.

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales

Now comes the food. What I learned during my Pushkar tour is that the north Indian food from the local dhabbas should be avoided. Try something different. The La Pizzeria, Pushkar rooftop Café, Baba Restaurant can be your option for dining or lunch. Avoid the open food and water. But yes the tea is must to try.

That was my exploration for the third day. Later in the evening I went to the Fairground and captured some unforgettable moments. The Camels, the villagers, the entire ambiance was mesmerizing.

Photo of Framing the Fair land; Pushkar by Touring&tales

Spending about 2 hours there, I proceeded towards the Ghat to experience the sanity of evening arti. The view was amazing. The entire Ghat was covered and packed with devotees. The pure aura of the place was enough to make anyone feel lively and fresh. After attending the atri, I left for the hotel.

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales
Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Touring&tales

I have more to describe the fair scenario but I have prepared another blog for the same. So with the same routine, I clicked, explored and finally went back to my room. Few villagers had arranged a Satsang on roadside and with the hippies and other neighbors, they all made the evening so beautiful. All dipped in spirituality and remembering God, the evening ended with much positive vibes.

Day 6

Pushkar to Ajmer and Delhi

My Pushkar tour came to an end all with beautiful memories to take back. Pushkar is so beautiful and peaceful to visit once in the lifetime. Ok, some may find it a bit tedious during the tour, but the calmness of the place has a magic that will keep triggering you after your visit. So colorful, so religious and so close to the tradition, Pushkar is the best offbeat destination of Rajasthan to find the new way of exploring.

What not to miss in Pushkar

This was my first trip, so I missed out a lot of things.

• The morning Ghat arti with the sunset view can make your day. I couldn’t experience, but what as per the experience of my co-travelers and tour compions, I got to know what I missed.

• Get up early and run to see the hot air balloon flight. You can even have balloon ride. The big colourful hot air balloons are best to observe the entire Pushkar. That must be beautiful and I regretted it later because the tiring day couldn’t let me wake up early.

• Cultural shows are the lifeline and luckily I attended one. The gracious Kalbelia dance, folk music, camel art, everything makes the Pushkar fair more amazing.

• Be prepared to enjoy every ride, from camel to the Giant wheel. Adding fun and thrill is really important.

Key points for a happy tour

• • Don’t expect any nonvegetarian food or alcohol for the entire Pushkar tour. Being a holy place it’s better to be away from these eatables and drinks.

• • You will be on target for all the children, beggars and pandits. They will ask you for money but better to avoid them.

• • Bargain if you have a plan to shop. The prices will be high and your bargaining skills will help you a lot.

• • Be polite, happy and yes friendly with the local people. People of Pushkar are lovable and exchanging few words with them will make you feel more comfortable and easy.

• • Special attention to your attire. Be in loose comfortable and yes full clothes. If not because of the public, then for yourself. The sand, sun, and dust may leave you all tanned and mess up by the trip ends. So better be in cool loose fitted clothes with sneakers.

• • For a good budget trip, get your hotels book in advance. Try dwelling at Pushkar to enjoy every program. Residing at a distant place, you have to leave early for safety issues.

• • Be ready to click every moment as you never know what interesting you find at this Pushkar Camel Fair.