Jaipur (An impromptu trip to the pink city)

Photo of Jaipur (An impromptu trip to the pink city) 1/2 by Shanta TS

We are just back from Jaipur. It was a sudden plan and we are glad we did it. We had an awesome drive both to and fro, and the stay was nothing short of spectacular. Despite the summer heat growling at this part of India, we chose Jaipur. We did not have several days in hand for the trip, so we chose Jaipur. It is nearby and NH8 makes a good drive. Plus, there were several hotels to choose from. Being a three days trip, it was neither exhausting nor boring. Every day was well spent and somehow we managed to carve the day's itinerary despite being clueless a day before the trip.

Jaipur is around 250 KMS from our place and we started our journey early to avoid traffic. The road is in great condition. We stayed at Trident, which is situated just opposite Jal Mahal. We reached early but the hotel staff was kind enough to help us with an early check in.

Day 1 was a lazy day as we were tired. We just took a walk around the property, sipped several cups of tea and went to the hotel's beautiful restaurant "Jal Mahal" for both lunch and dinner.

Day 2 started off early. Sightseeing was not the priority this time, as we have been touristy at Jaipur several times. We just wanted a good drive and a pampered stay while we were there. Nevertheless we ended up visiting Amber fort for pictures. We went to Amber Fort and spent several hours exploring it and chatting with people.

Once back, we went out to a nearby place for lunch and a bit of shopping. We also thought of visiting Chowki Dhani but the weather changed drastically and it grew a bit stormy towards the evening. Without any second thought, we changed into our pyjamas and opted for in-room dining.

Day 3 was all about driving back to our sweet home, but not before we spent some time at the Jal Mahal.

There is nothing much to do or see at the Jal Mahal, so it did not consume much time. After finishing off our breakfast, we were back on the road that would take up back to Delhi.

While driving back, we had to drive past innumerable bumps made by melted tar, caused by the ruthless heat wave this year. When we crossed this hurdle and moved into the smoother road, we were welcomed by gushes of rain. It rained so bad we had to really slow down the speed and we could hardly see anything around us. Before we could stop the car, the rain stopped and the weather bewitched us. We enjoyed the drive and the weather turned pleasant. We reached home on time.

Rajasthan never ceases to amaze me. It is a painter's box of colours that houses all possible colours that exist in this world. To witness Rajasthan in its raw state, where camels run wild and vast stretches of barren land makes you question if you are the only human left in this world, you have to travel further into Rajasthan. You will be enriched and your soul will thank you for the treat. But, if you are from Delhi or any nearby place and want to witness a different culture in terms of food and art, in a short span of time, Jaipur should definitely be on the list.

See you all soon Photo of Jaipur (An impromptu trip to the pink city) 2/2 by Shanta TS