Nahargarh - The untold story

3rd Feb 2016

It was just a normal day as our semester exams were over and we get holiday of just 1 day for starting new same ...... We all feel very tired after such a long schedule of exams.... At night I ask my friends ... Let's go to nahargarh... (It's a fort ... Highest fort in Jaipur Rajasthan) they said who will go man ... And then I told them we will go nahargarh in morning 3:00 am and they all got thrilled by this....

We reach to the top by 5:00 then ... The pure air and the remais of the fort in moon light give feeling of having a great legacy ..... Then we just thought how sunrise will look from here and .... That's all I cant explain in my words what it feels to see a rising sun and a setting full moon .... Just awesome ... If you ever visit Jaipur its a must seen especially on a full moon night just fascinating Photo of Nahargarh - The untold story 1/1 by Mohak Chaturvedi 

feel what you see

Photo of Nahargarh, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303905, India by Mohak Chaturvedi