Blissful Velas!!!

11th Apr 2014
Photo of Blissful Velas!!! by Bohosundari
Photo of Blissful Velas!!! 1/3 by Bohosundari
Photo of Blissful Velas!!! 2/3 by Bohosundari
Photo of Blissful Velas!!! 3/3 by Bohosundari

Velas is a small village in Ratnagiri, which is popular for its serene beach....the water is clear as sky ....I am amazed and stunned to know that India is filled with such charismatic and beautiful places... its about 220 km via road from Mumbai....Velas Turtle Festival is held every year . Villagers organize this festival and also provide home-stay to the visitors. The turtle conservation project was implemented at Velas in Maharashtra and for its success, the local people were involved. On the beach lining of this village, the turtles can be seen in a large number! Most of them return here to lay eggs.A female lays between 90-150 eggs in one clutch but only one in thousand hatchlings reach adulthood. It’s a beautiful sight! This beach offers amazing and beautiful natural views of Arabian Sea to its visitors.The sunrise and the sunset is mesmerizing... and in the night the sky is filled with stars .... if its a full moon night ... you will be amazed to see enchanting moon....