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The plan for Chikmagalur was a shelved one which had suddenly come to life over bouts of drunken weekend gossips. This time I had teamed up with an old crony from school, Ishan Roy and a couple of his friends, who over the course of the trip became very close to me as well. A long time ago we had a lengthy discussion over the phone about the new Zostel that had come up in Chikmagalur and that we ought to be checking it out sometime. But being in different cities, that “sometime” never came until this time. It was a stroke of luck that I was in Bangalore for a couple of months and this is when the old plan came back to life again.It was early June and the monsoon had still not set with all its fury. When we started from Bangalore early morning on a weekend, it was quite sunny and honestly, I was a wee bit disappointed. Afterall, being a pluviophile deep within I always hoped to get experience the monsoon of the Western Ghats. Four hours and an uneventful drive later the skies started darkening as the Google map showed that we were only a few kilometers away from Chikmagalur. It was almost noon by the time we reached Zostel Chikmagalur, a picturesque property set amongst lush coffee plantations.

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