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When you like travelling, I think the whole universe conspires to make sure that opportunities to travel present themselves in some form or another. I got a chance to go to Turkey in November on a week-long trip for work. Coincidentally it so happened that I landed in Istanbul on my birthday. While this will not be a day on day account of what I did, I will share the places I went to and things I did once I was done with my work.November marks the beginning of winter and a friend advised me to pack warm clothes and jackets as it gets quite chilly in the night (It snows in Jan-Feb). While Ankara is the capital city, Istanbul is the biggest and the most happening city of Turkey. It should be called as the Gateway City - it is on the threshold of Asia and Europe and also Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea (technically Marmara Sea). Flying into Istanbul, Asian and European sides are clearly visible separated by the surreal Bosphorus Strait.

Best Time To Visit Istanbul

Best time to visit Istanbul is from March to October

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