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Merv, a UNESCO World Heritage site, used to be one of the principal Silk Road oasis-cities throughout its inhabited history, and one of the largest cities in the world. Once, it was at par with Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo, ruling the world and serving as a major trade city. However, now it's mostly in ruins, but still a major tourist destination for history and culture buffs.Must see: Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, the best remaining testimony to Seljuq power at Merv; mausoleums of Two Askhab, the companions of the prophet, the remains of a Buddhist stupa that show the extent to which Buddhism had spread; Mosque of Yusuf Hamadani, built around the tomb of a 12th-century dervish (sufi dancers of Central Asia); Great Kyz Kala and Little Kyz Kala, standing proofs of western Merv archaeology; Mausoleum of Mohammed ibn Zeid, an important site for Sufi pilgrims; Shahriyar Ark, the most well-preserved part of Merv.

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