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3. It is recommended not to drive in small lanes and be careful of the road maps.4. While crossing this area, please follow all safety rules and be very vigilant on the roads. Deers can also hit the car on this highway.5. Carry water and food. Even though there will be Dhabas all the way long. But their opening and closing is pretty unpredictable. Have a picnic in car.6. Check the oil tank of the car. you may not find any where ahead. Get it filled wherever you will cross Kishangarh and then Bambora, Ghasoli and Sadar. These are villages for help during the journey. Initial days of my travel, I saw that these villagers were very conservative of thier culture and tradition and didnt like tourists. But with my frequency, I believe they have also become accustomed to tourists visiting especially from Delhi.Now we decide to stop nearby and stay for the weekend. So we come across this palace called Dhadikar fort.There is a cut, and then turn to Narnsaul-Behror-Alwar road.

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