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This is the day I shall talk most about in my life because this was the day I met the bravest version of myself! We had planned to rent a car to drive to Galway from Dublin. We walked up to the rental and I loved watching the life around me. Kids going to school, handsome men dressed in suits walking to work, smart women walking in high heels and sipping coffee on their way to work, some people jogging, some walking their adorable dogs, and some tourists (like myself). We took the car and started to enter the countryside, leaving behind the city. I was in awe. I loved the countryside. It was all I ever dream of – peaceful life, a lot of space to live and breathe in, amazing standard of living, and visible contentment on people’s faces. After we hit the highway, I had this inexplicable desire to drive! To my surprise, I asked my cousin and he agreed. Next thing I know, I am driving on Wild Atlantic Route, at the speed of 115 – 125 KMPH, overtaking other vehicles, singing, laughing, & living a dream! For anyone to understand why this meant so much to me, I should state that even though I know how to drive, I have never had the confidence to do so in India! We reached Cliffs of Moher and I was awestruck at the serenity and beauty of that place! To my surprise, my cousin had arranged for a cruise! The change of perspective of the cliffs that I got from the sea was spell-binding! On our way back, we had a flat tire on the highway. I changed the flat tire and to my relief, an Irish gentleman also stopped by to help! ❤ It was a day I covered the least number of sites, and the day I got to see more of myself than the external world. :-)Day 5 @ Dublin:Pictures:

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