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As the roaring waves of Atlantic rage against the craggy shores of Scotland and its towering mountains stand guard to its rugged highlands and its quiet glistening lochs, one almost visualises King Arthur and his men march on to those mystic moors with battle cries that echo its wild landscape.In a world that dreams of space travel, Scotland and its ancient stone castles transport us back to an era gone by. Men in kilt and the rapturous bagpipes trooping old distilleries allows an immersive experience of a culture that dates back to centuries strangely reminding you on origination and genesis.We began our journey from Edinburgh, the capital city. A hilly capital , the town spans across miles of rugged country as though it grew on its landscapes, never carving itself out. The Royal mile that separates the Holyrood Palace ( one of the official residences of the Queen ) and Edinburgh Castle is a lively street with several restaurants and pubs and shopping complexes making it a major tourist attraction besides the 2 monuments that guards it on either ends.If you plan your travels to the city in the month of August, you could also partake in the Edinburgh International Fringe festival which brings together performing artists allowing for a unique presentation of talent across theatre, opera and dance. Streets are filled with performing artisans who put their talent to display and we were fortunate to have watched some classic show of jugglery, singing, stand up comedy.For an Indian touring Scotland or any part of the Great Britain, there is not a mile without an Indian restaurant serving delicacies from the sub continent. So for Indian vegetarians worried of authentic food, home food is always at a stone’s throw away.It is recommended that one spends 3 days in Edinburgh to savour its full glory - across the Old town that has grown around the hill complementing its natural ecosystem and the new town that has outstretched the Old town. If one is up for some physical rigour you can try trekking up to Arthur’s seat. It gives great views of the town expanse.If you do have the time, you could spare some for the Royal Yacht Britannia, the vessel that has been commissioned by the Queen and her travels abroad by sea. It has been retired and is now open for visitors as a museum. Worth some great historic photographs and views of the Water of Leith.

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Best time to visit Edinburgh is from May to July

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