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The next morning give your feet a good massage, because it is another 6 hour trek downhill to Hanuman Chetti. It will take you through dense forests with snake plants and blue pines, uprooted trees that make for bridges, it will make you cross paths with the migrating herders and villages with breath taking beautiful views. Crossing the forest is the tricky part, where you can (and we did) get lost. But once you reach the villages, the stone paths are laid down in front of you right down to Hanuman Chetti. You would reach Hanuman Chetti by evening between 4 to 5 pm, and you must treat yourself to aloo parathas at one of the lodges or dhabas, for having completed the trek. From Hanuman Chetti, taxis and bus services are available to Dehradun from where a connecting bus can be taken to New Delhi, but these start only in the morning. So the best way to end the trek is to let yourself stay in the majestic Himalayas for one more night; Hanuman Chetti has a few lodges that will give you rooms for the night at ₹400 per room for a night. After 4 nights of sleeping on slopes and rocks, you will find the beds too comfortable to wake up early to catch the 6am bus to Dehradun. The journey will take around 6 hours, and the leaves on the trees will get thicker, while the layers of clothes on yourself, thinner. From Dehradun, comfortable air conditioned buses are available at around ₹700 per ticket (or we were just lucky; be mentally prepared to travel in semi deluxe or non- AC too, if you plan to reach Delhi the same day). The journey to Delhi will be completed in a span of 6-8 hours, depending upon the traffic once you enter Delhi.

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