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Day 5 (2nd May): Belfast, Northern Ireland. I stayed at the Ballyrobbin Country Lodge (4000 INR) - just a mile away from the airport. Again, it's always better to book a place at the city center so that you don't end up spending on commute - hence, this might not be a good option for most people.In Belfast, I booked a 9 hour Game of Thrones (GoT) inspired tour with Irish Tour Tickets (booked on Viator, 2200 INR). If you don't follow GoT, you can opt for a similar tour on Viator without the GoT commentary on the background. The locations would be more or less the same! If you're a fan, you're in for ride. Every other person in Belfast has a GoT story to share, since they have been a part of the crew or "extras" in the series at one point or the other. My tour guide was one of the dead wildlings and her best friend worked as an inmate at Little Finger's establishment! :) Again, if you don't follow the series, you would be particularly interested in Giant's Causeway (Lonely Planet's #01 place to visit in 2018, aka Iron Islands) and Carrick A Reed Rope bridge. The tour also has a lot small stops at various other GoT filming locations like the dark Hedges, Cushendun Caves, Portstewart Strand (Dothraki land) and Carnlough Canal (Braavos). Also, as you travel, you get a sneak peak at "The Wall" of night's watch and the Quoile River aka Riverrun.Tip: If you're taking the GoT inspired tour, do take a couple of pictures in GoT costumes that the tour guide offers!

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Best time to visit Northern Ireland is from April to August

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