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We had to walk a little on the beach to the place the boat was anchored. My grandma had the toughest time of all - she wore a saree for the adventure. I was more than impressed by the energy with which she approached every part of the trip. Her fearlessness amazed me as she is over 70 and suffered from pain due to non-stop walking in the past few days. Coming back to the motorboat ride, it was a task boarding the boat as it bobbed up and down with the waves. Once on it, we sped to the first check point - the parasailing platform. It journey was very bumpy. Even more so for the three of us (my sister, cousin and I) as we were sitting in the very front of the boat, where the effect of bumps was the greatest. The bobbing of the boat was now replaced by jumps, and we held on tightly for we feared the possibility of getting injured, or worse, being tossed out. In a matter of minutes we could see huge colourful parachutes filling the sky. I was thrilled by just looking at them and was more-or-less tempted to give it a shot. I realised what we had gotten into when I understood how we were to alight the motorboat. Even though it was tied to the platform the boat rose and fell with the rough waves. I was seriously worried now. Somehow all 11 of us made it to the platform unhurt. Following my sister, my cousin started showing special interest in parasailing (Her grandparents were really apprehensive about letting her go for it). Their interest was pretty contagious, because three of us (my parents and I) queued up for the experience as well. I remember being harnessed and buckled to the parachute. On being given an option about taking a dip in the water my sister went for it, while I instantly refused.

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Best time to visit Pattaya Chon Buri Thailand is from December to February

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