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1. On-Arrival Visa in Thailand Costs - Thai Baht (THB) 2,000 (For Normal Entry, which implies you gotta remain in the que which could be long now and again). Or, Get Express Entry Visa at cost of additional 200 THB.2. Carry 2 Passport size photos in white background for On-Arrival Visa , or else you should get it at the airport at cost of 200 THB.3. Get the Calling/Data Sim Card at the Airport itself.4. Swathika - that is the way they invite you in Thailand!5. Khapun Khap - implies Thank You!6. Massage is less expensive in Pattaya over Bangkok.7. Basic Groccery Retail Store - "Seven Eleven"8. Carry US Dollars to get a better value for your money. Try not to trade at the Airport as they give a very low rate.From Bangkok (Airport/City) to Pattaya:By Bus-

Best Time To Visit Pattaya City Chon Buri Thailand

Best time to visit Pattaya City Chon Buri Thailand is from December to February

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