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One of the biggest New Year's Eve parties in the world happens every year at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Approximately two million people gather on one beach to watch a huge display of fireworks and jump seven waves in the ocean when the clock strikes midnight! As a tradition, jumping the seven waves will bring you good luck for the New Year!Another tradition is to wear white and it is incredible to see so many people all dressed in white. The vibe is electric and the crowd is filled with everyone from the expected party-goers to elderly, to families with young children! It is definitely an event for everyone!With so many people heading to Copacabana Beach at once, the only practical way to get there is by the Metro. You must buy special Metro tickets for New Year's Eve that you must buy them in advance. The party starts any time after 8pm and you can bring your own booze or buy drinks there. Besides buying your metro passes, attending the celebration on Copacabana beach is completely free! Just be careful of your valuables as pick-pockets are common!Overall, celebrating New Year's in Rio is brilliant and an excellent way to bring in the New Year that I would recommend to anybody!

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Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is from July to August

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