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Day 29 Hyderabad to solapurThe main task before i start today’s ride was to fix the puncture first. Officially the ride was over by now as all the place on list were visited and i had to ride back home. The hotel person really helped me a lot. He sent a guy to check for a person who can fix puncture. He came back and said the puncture shop person will come by 10.30 am. So i couldn’t leave before that. By 10.30am i reminded that boy to check . He went and came back saying the concerned person will be coming by 2pm. I said i cannot wait that long. So i and that boy left to search for someone who can fix the puncture. After sometime we found a puncture shop he asked us to bring only the tyre so that he will fix the puncture. Now it was a task to go and remove the tyre bring here fix the puncture and take it back and fix it on the bike. So we went ahead there a person denied when we said its Himalayan might be he never fixed a puncture of it. We then found a person who was old and looked experienced. This time i said it’s a royal enfield instead of himalayan. He said bring the bike i will fix it. So went to the place and pushed the bike till here. After seeing it he said i thought it would be a bullet but no problem i will try. He first studied about it how to open and fix. As he was doing this for the first time for this type of bike. After seeing all the nuts and bolts he slowly removed the tyre. He removed a small nail which was the reason for the puncture. He fixed the puncture. Now the main task was to fix the tyre back. All of the three myself the boy from the hotel and the puncture guy put a considerable amount of time we anyhow we fixed the tyre properly. It was like war won. This guy said he had been fixing puncture for the last 40 years and i really enjoyed today’s work a lot. As i got to now something new and i am confident that i can fix similar bike again in lesser time. He had a normal pump so filled the air without any measurement and then the hotel boy took me to other place where we filled the air according to the prescribed pressure. It was already close to noon so thanked the hotel guys as they were too helpful. And finally left hyderabad. Initially plan was to ride till solapur today and will ride from solapur to mumbai for the last day. But the distance from solapur to mumbai was 394km approx. So decided that i will ride past solapur for some 100km so that i will have to ride some 300km for tomorrow. So after sometime from hyderabad reached nehru outer ring road which i was stopped at a toll saying bike are not allowed on this road. So i took a u turn from there and a policeman signaled to come close to him. I thought he will fine me or ask for some money but instead he asked me where i need to go and accordingly he suggested the route. Even after taking the u turn google maps was rerouting to the same road. Somehow took a different route and reached NH65. Till pune the route was NH65. In sometime crossed from telangana border and entered karnataka. By evening reached the karnataka and maharashtra border halted at a dhaba and asked him for some evening snacks he started saying kheer, fried rice,sabji chapati, etc. I started to wonder that when there items was included in snacks list. But settled for bhurji(scrambled egg) and roti. Tea was too good and had 2. And left as it was dark by now. Initially the road after the border into maharashtra became too bad uneven and pothole ridden and no lights. Thought that it will be for few kilometers but it went on. Stopped at a fuel station and refueled the bike asked them about the road conditions for which they said the road is in same condition till solapur. And solapur was still far. And lot of construction work was going on road and remaining road was in bad condition. The ride had become hectic by now so thoughts of halting at solapur started cropping in mind. But i keep firm on riding past solapur. Reached solapur by 9.30 to 10pm. And the place of halt was tembhurni. Which is 90km from here. Back to supersmooth road suddenly the bike was in 5th gear and above 80kmph. After bad roads it was bliss to ride. Covered 90km by 1.5hrs and reached tembhurni by 11.30pm went to a hotel but their rates where higher and had to go to 2 more hotels but the cost was more as i had to stay only for night and it was already close to 12 at night. After enquiring reached a hotel where i got low cost room. Later found that only i was staying at that hotel later found the rooms were not that good. But i had to spend only a night. Fan was not working so got the room changed. Managed to sleep.

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