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About Hangzhou

Welcome to FlyZoo, the futuristic hotel and the first of its kind that has black disc-shaped robots delivering food and dropping off fresh towels. Owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., FlyZoo is based in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba specifies that these robots help reduce the hotel's cost of human labour and lets their guests stay more comfortably without having to interact with other humans.Alibaba sees the 290-room hotel as a technology hub and that it could act as a pillar of reference for the coming generations that Alibaba wants to sell to the hotel industry in the future. Flyzoo would also emphasize the importance and strengths of artificial intelligence in the modern world.With intrusive data-sharing technology readily tolerated and often welcomed with great enthusiasm in China, Flyzoo might be an experiment primarily to test the nature of customers’ behaviour under unmanned conditions.

Best Time To Visit Hangzhou

Best time to visit Hangzhou is from April to February

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