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It’s a lovely afternoon in Nara. The only problem is as usual I am lost. Having found no respite with google maps, I decide to ask a lady passerby, who looks like a local, for the right direction. I point out to her the bus stop I wish to reach on the map I have in my hand. She smiles and asks me to walk along with her. And ofcourse, the question “only one” I smile again. “Indian” I smile again. For some weird reason, you are more proud of your patriotic belongings when abroad, than when in homeland. She tells me she works at a nearby hospital. She meets someone she knows on the way. Though the conversation between the two ladies is in Japanese, I figure out there is a mention that she is taking me to the bus stop. I exchange smiles with the second lady we meet. After two minutes of exchanging pleasantries, we again start walking towards the bus stop. Once there, I thank her and she starts walking ahead, probably towards the hospital.I stand in the queue waiting for the next bus. When in Japan, there is a queue for everything, please follow it. It’s a windy afternoon and I have just a thin jacket on. I try to rub my arms with my palms in a failed attempt to get some heat. An old lady is standing behind me. “Cold?,” she asks. I smile and nod my head. She looks to her left and then to the right and decides a direction from which the wind is blowing. She stands as a ‘shield’ between me and the blowing wind. She smiles again, as if to ask if it is better. Not sure if it was the shield, but the gesture surely makes you feel warm. And of course, she did ask me the mandatory question, “Only one?”

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