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An early flight took us to Jogjakarta, a peaceful town in the backdrop of Mt.Merapi. We checked into Alam Jogja which was more of a resort than a host from AirBnb. Yosef was our driver for the next 2 days in Jogja.We spent the next two days visiting the Prambanan and Borobodur temples. Having been constructed in the early 8-10 th century AD and having been ravaged by time and natural disasters such as earth quakes and volcanic eruptions, the Indonesian government has since put in a significant amount of effort to bring these two monuments to the present state that they are in. Gigantic structures with allegiances to Hindu and Buddhist ways of life, these temples are in the list of world heritage sites. We wore sarongs to enter the temples and traditional Indonesian hats and ate juicy local fruits such as Salak(snake skin fruit), Rambutan. Even the Indonesian Banana was so much more juicier and the tender Coconuts were big enough for 3 people to share.

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Best time to visit Yogyakarta City is from January to May

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