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"Travelling to the other end of the world?", a friend of mine said jokingly, reacting on my impending trip to New Zealand. Well not the other end of the world but "another world" in itself, I gleefully retorted. A secluded paradise!Sure enough, as I landed there, I realized it was not an exaggeration. New Zealand is ecologically intense and ravishingly beautiful. It is perhaps the only country which has developed a deeper conversation with its nature and landscapes.This small island nation is tucked away in the southwest corner of the Pacific Ocean and packs some of the magnificent and otherworldly pleasures of natural beauty, and a diverse set of landscapes: mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, hills, plains, volcanoes, rainforests, and fiords all in one small place. And to add to all of that its cheerful people with radiating smiles.New Zealand is delinked with the rest of the worlds geographical landmass and surrounded by ocean, the "middle earth" lives in splendid isolation with its own unique climatic conditions, flora and fauna.Mystifying as it may be for the visitors, it is a society that cannot get tired of talking about their sheep's and cattle farming. You soon realize the passion and drive with which they rear the farm animals. It is their proud identity more so when you are in the countryside. The dairy industry is the bedrock of the economy. It is amazing to see how people do not just inhabit but are so deeply connected with the place they live in.The country has corrected its colonial past and honors the islands original inhabitants (the Maoris) and helping them to mainstream in the society. A young country that looks fiercely striving for equality and has high standards of living.

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