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Since we were getting accustomed to the whole backpacking concept, we decided to take matter in our hand and explore Malaysia our way....

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It is very easy to misunderstand Kuala Lumpur as a mere concrete jungle. But once you set foot inside, you will find that the blessed forests and landscapes of Malaysia, have been retained with great care, discipline and love in the capital city. There are not many cities in Asia which have a rainforest at its heart, and urge people to take long hikes just as much as they spoil them with magnanimous shopping malls.
South East Asia is a beautiful, filled with amazing culture and food, and I look towards it every time I feel the need to recharge my self. But there's one thing I don't look forward to is haggling with the taxi drivers. Most drivers there don't go by the meter and charge you exorbitant amount for driving you a few miles. This time when I booked a holiday to the Malaysian island of Penang, I just did not feel up to deal with taxi drivers. So I decide to give Uber a chance, though I had used it at home, but never before in a foreign country.

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